Missions and Campaigns for Microsoft's "Combat Flight Simulator 3"

European Theater of Operations (ETO)

The ETO expansion is a major freeware update of Microsoft's CFS3. It creates five different eras in which to fly, from the Spanish Civil War through the Battle of France, and from the Battle of Britain to D-day, the Battle of the Bulge, and on into 1945.

There are over 150 flyable aircraft representing the main protagonists, and a few of the lesser-known models from the five eras. The list includes types that are not available in any other combat simulator and have been made by some of the best modellers in the community. Flight models are from the respected AvHistory team.

The UK has been populated with nearly 350 British and American air-force bases. Many also change and grow as the war progresses, from grass strips in 1940 to large 3-runway layouts with lines of bombers, troop transports and gliders in 1944. It constitutes what may be the most comprehensive representation of wartime UK airfields in any flight sim to date.

You will you find yourself flying over columns of marching troops with horse drawn vehicles, or with large tank battles being played out beneath you. All of the stock vehicles have been updated with new explosion effects, the tanks and armored vehicles now contain delayed multiple "cook off" explosions as their ammunition burns and explodes. The smoke and fire effects now have longer life spans. The expansion includes all new ship models including carriers, merchantmen and landing craft.

One of the biggest advances has been in the inclusion of new weather and effects. Clouds and weather change as you fly across the CFS3 world. Take off in clear skies and fly a mission in worsening weather to find your home base shrouded in cloud on your return. New explosion effects, towering smoke, fireballs, entire city firestorms, new flak, tracers, water splashes and signal flares make for great immersion in whatever mission you set out on.

In summary, the ETO Expansion takes the basic flight CFS3 sim and transforms it totally into an excellent and enjoyable product equal to, and in many areas, far superior than other WW2 combat flight simulators available today.

The download for this expansion can be found here at the OZx site: ETO Expansion Download Location