Missions and Campaigns for Microsoft's "Combat Flight Simulator 3"

Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO)

The PTO expansion projects take Combat Flight Simulator 3 into the Pacific War. There are currently two PTO projects. They are Solomon Islands and Rising Sun.

PTO Solomon Islands is s free standing Pacific Theatre for CFS 3 centered on the Solomon Islands.
It can be downloaded from the OZx site: CFS3 - PTO Solomon Islands Download

PTO Rising Sun is a seven-theater CFS3-based add-on stand-alone combat flight sim, based on the early years of World War II in Asia and the Pacific, the "Oriental Blitzkrieg" period.

It goes above and beyond the existing PTO Solomon Islands, and is a completely separate install.

It includes the Second Sino-Japanese War, Pearl Harbor Attack, Wake Island Invasion, Battle of Midway, Papua New Guinea, The Forgotten Theater - the CBI, and the Philippines.

It also can be downloaded from the OZx site: CFS3 – PTO Rising Sun Download